Built in BBQ

Nothing says San Diego more than the aroma of ribs or chicken sizzling on the barbecue. The sound of laughter punctuates the social gathering of friends and families. Everyone wants to have an outdoor kitchen, however for some reason we keep putting it off.

Recent studies have shown that having a well designed outdoor living space increases the value of your home between $10,000 to $19,000.

built-in bbq

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens make a lot of sense, not just for the increase in the value of your home, but also for the functional aspect.

An outdoor kitchen ideally would be situated close to a patio seating area. They can include just about every cooking element necessary to prepare your amazing meals. Nowadays they may include a Built in BBQ, a sink, stove and refrigerator. No need to go back and forth between the kitchen way in the house, keep everything close at hand. Your friends and relatives will not be able to hide how impressed they really are.

Built in BBQ San DIego

Built in BBQ San Diego

San Diego County has beautiful weather, it’s only right that take advantage of it! Live life to the fullest.

Expand your living space and create an aesthetically pleasing place to entertain colleagues, friends and family. No more stuffy kitchens. Enjoy your San Diego breezes.

Built in BBQ San Diego

How much does it all cost?

Outdoor kitchens and Built in BBQ’s can range greatly depending on the type of materials used. We will work with you to find a compromise between materials and your pocketbook.

The most important factor to us is that we have a customer that is entirely satisfied in every way.