Irrigation Systems

We do more than install sprinkler systems. Because of the unique nature of our weather in San Diego, most San Diegan’s face both watering restrictions and flooding at some time in their homes. These both can be controlled with a properly designed landscape, irrigation system and drainage system.

Eric Breceda has a passion for creating water saving and unique irrigation systems.  He has worked closely with a big name irrigation supply company to develop a drip system that not only is extremely efficient, but also is sustainable, easy to maintain and has great durability.  Eric’s drip systems are adjustable flow rate* per minute drip systems; which create optimum growing conditions for plants.

*An adjustable flow rate tech line is a per minute drip system. It reduces consumption of water by applying water at a faster rate and reducing the quantity of water used. It is also a more desirable system than a typical microsystem which has less durability than the adjustable flow rate tech line. An adjustable tech line has more versatility because it allows you to diversify your plant materials by size and plant type in the same hydro-zone. Basically, you can use different types/species of plants & sizes that have different water needs. Uses less water, is more durable and versatile.

The Breceda Team analyzes your plant palette, the water needs of the plants and the existing soil conditions. These are detail’s that aide in making your plants thrive and live for a long time. Whether a drip system or spray system is deemed needed at your property, we make sure your plants get the appropriate amount of water to keep them healthy.

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