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COVID19 Guidelines

  1. Face masks – must be worn by all* persons on site (face mask or bandana tied around the nose and mouth).  No mask, no entry on site.
  2. Bleach spray bottle solution – wipe down on a regular basis. Rags and spray bottle supplied by Wardell Builders to each site, with instructions on mixture and use.
  3. Gloves – should be worn while on site. Gloves will be supplied when available. Please make every effort to provide gloves for yourself, based on the type of work being performed. Safety should be used when working with gloves on.
  4. 6 ft. social distance required at ALL times – including loading and unloading materials, tools etc.  No speaking closely, no meeting assembly inside a 6 foot radius diameter area. No assembly or congregating of 10 members at any time. 6 ft. social distance to be adhered to.
  5. Open jobsites – for ventilation as much as possible.
  6. Keep porta potty and wash station stocked with soap, water and towels.
  7. Porta potty and wash station – spray down with spray solution supplied to the site (at a minimum, daily)
  8. Work hours onsite are 7 am to 3:30pm. Please be respectful of work hours. No work to start prior to 7am. After 3:30 pm work, please get approval from supervisor.
  9. Keep noise to a minimum. As always, no radios on site. More neighbors are home now, so please pay extra attention to noise.
  10. No sharing of tools or equipment. Wipe down tools and equipment regularly with spray solution.
  11. Please knock before entering the jobsite office.   (Please print out and post a sign on jobsite office door.)
  12. Facetime – whenever possible to meet and discuss items.
  13. Outside visitors – NONE on site during work hours. (Anyone NOT associated with the project)
  14. Anyone not following these protocol will be asked to leave the jobsite.


Anyone who enters the site or is working adjacent to the project site (ie: right-of-way or easement work), including WB employees, Subcontractors, Suppliers, Consultants, Inspectors, Clients and Visitors.

Read Our Covid19 Guidelines